The Cat and the Squirrel

One of the perks of having a home office is seeing stuff you'd otherwise miss.

Like the picture in the header... that squirrel was either the bravest superhero of his kind or else totally wack-o. Neither me nor my cat could believe what we were seeing. I guess it's true - the grass/glass is always greener/cleaner on the other side.

Identity Theft

Having parts of your identity stolen and used to open credit accounts in your name can range from a temporary pain in the a** to making your life miserable.

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Vegetarian Voice

My biggest problem with vegetarians today is their huge reliance on soy. The soy industry has done a fabulous job of marketing their sludge and making people think soy is a miracle food. I'd like to help people get back to nature and basics with a wholesome vegetarian diet. Replacing meat with soy is not a good choice.

Buy a Horse 101

My labor of love. I enjoy looking at the pictures!

Your Identity Safe

Having sold insurance for years, I know the value of protection. Helping people with identity theft protection is just a natural step to progress to.

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