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Really Smart Realtor

I have a friend who just got her RE license and she’s really, really smart (as in she’s already a CPA). I taught her how to use wordpress this week so she can blog about happenings and homes for sale in Brandon.

When she turned 45, she decided to get a motorcycle. Now that was FUNNY. She managed to ride it to my horse farm one day and I got a picture. If I ever find it again, I’ll put it here. Instead of  motorcycle gloves, she used to wear gardening gloves while riding. Well, that’s not as bad as this photo I took a couple of weeks ago.

I was sitting at a light and a big group of guys riding Harleys came up beside me. These were fancy bikes but I have no idea who dressed those guys. Most of them were wearing black or brown sneakers and WHITE TUBE SOCKS! AKKKK!!!!!

I got a quick picture with my phone just before the light changed:

At least the guy in the lower right had the good sense to be wearing boots.

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I Wish I Had Cat Eyes

Have you ever noticed how a cat’s eye’s turn green when you take a flash photo of them? It looks like they are glowing. Technically, their retinas have some sort of super-reflective properties that helps them to see in the dark. Especially when their pupils get huge and round.Being able to see in the dark so well would be fun.

My Watchdog Cat

My one little kitty likes to sit on the table by my front window at night and watch what’s going on outside. She’s like a little infrared surveillance camera protecting me from any of the neighborhood cats who make the mistake of wandering through the yard.

It’s always amazing to hear the ferocious sounds that can come out of a little animal like her. She completely loses it when a strange cat walks by. Last winter, a neighbor quit feeding her kitty and it came to my front porch all the time. I would feed her and she naturally wanted to come in. When I said ,”no”, she jumped on the windowsill. So there she was on the outside and my Watchdog Cat was on the inside: face to face.

All hell broke loose….

I had a talk with the neighbor and she gave the kitty up for adoption which was probably the best thing.  I hope that sweet little kitty has a good home now.

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Do Possums Eat Aloe?

For some reason, Google thinks I know the answer to this question. I recently checked my traffic stats and saw that the google-gods sent 3 people to here for the answer to “Do possums eat aloe”.

Answer: I have no idea.

No Possum nibbles here!

I’ve had possums in my backyard and absolutely can’t stand them. They stink to high heaven – like something died under my deck. I do know that they’ll eat the birdseed that gets knocked to the ground under the feeder.

My last possum episode involved a hose, a hanger, lots of water and five babies.

Last May, I was trying to figure out how to evict the possum that I saw walking around on my deck. As soon as I go outside, it runs under the deck where I can’t get to it. And with the nasty teeth they have, I’d never try to grab one!

I was washing bird poos off one afternoon and got the idea that maybe I could squirt water in the cracks and figure out if old stinky was still here. To my surprise, I ‘flushed’ out a baby. It must have gotten scared and let go of mama. I carried it into the front yard and went back for more.

The mother didn’t want to be hosed out and just hissed at me from her under-deck safety zone.  So, I got a hanger and started poking her which mostly got me more hisses. Eventually she ran out and 3 more babies popped loose.

I got so freaked out about trying to capture them that I didn’t watch where mama went. After lots of water and guiding them with the hanger through the spaces in the boards, I got the babies to come out. I took them out to the front yard, too, to keep company with the first one. I kept hoping mama would hear them squeaking and leave on her own.

But alas, nothing is that easy.

I finally found her hiding in the corner near the gate in my compost pile of mostly leaves. Using a broom and a 2×2 board, I ‘herded’ her through the gate and the one little baby kept holding one. It was apparently the only smart one she had. It’s really amazing how a scared possum will run right past a 3 foot wide gate opening and not dash out. Dumb thing went straight past it the first few tries.

But they all got reunited and hid out in the big stand of lady palms in the front. That didn’t make me too happy knowing ‘things’ were hiding in there, so shortly after that I cut them all down because I didn’t want wild things living right next to my front door!

To you plant/palm lovers: yes, I cut down a stand of lady palms that were higher than my roof. Sorry, they had to go.

So, Mr. Google, that’s my possum story and I have no idea if possums eat aloe. All I can say about that is that they didn’t touch the big pot of aloes I have sitting on my deck. Saving it for the bunnies…….

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Who’s Watching Your Cat?

My daughter was telling me the other day about watching her cat through the day when she’s at work. She has a wireless nanny cam in her house just so that she can keep an eye on them. It actually sends the signal to her computer over the internet.

Nanny Cam is watching you!

I thought that was pretty funny, but I guess when you don’t have kids, your pets take the place of them. Anyway, she was enjoying watching her cat play with a catnip toy. Besides knowing that they’re safe, it’s a fun little diversion from work!

But now I need to get her started on getting me some grandkids instead of just a grandcat.

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Kwazy Wabbits

Herding rabbits must be only one teeny bit easier than herding cats…

Bunny Shelter

The neighborhood rabbits ‘discovered’ my backyard again about a month ago.   They’re so darn cute that they always sucker me into letting them stay. One bunny turned into a whole herd of them.

Still cute…..

Ate down my flowers in my butterfly garden – not so cute. They gotta go.

So last weekend I decided to fix the fence where they were getting in. Not a particularly hard project – just a quick couple of screws to tighten up the panel at the bottom. I sat in my backyard after mowing it while watching for any bunnies hopping around. Only saw one and it squeezed its way out much like Peter Rabbit. So I fixed the fence. YAY – no more bunnies….

.. or so I thought…

About an hour later, I saw a bunny hopping around but now the escape hole was closed. So I opened the side gate really wide and figured how hard can it be to chase a rabbit through a 4′ wide opening.  Harder than you might think. The bunny ran back and forth between its old escape hatch and the azalea bush. We went back and forth at least a dozen times before he finally ran out the gate. YAY – no more bunnies…

.. or so I thought..

Well, you can see where this is going. I ended up chasing 4 bunnies out the gate. Each time I finished, I thought it must be the last. Everything was clear until yesterday. There was a little one in my backyard and I still haven’t figured out where it went or how it got in or if it’s trapped there or what. But they’re just gonna have to be cute in the front yard.

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We’re All Shriveling Up

I sure wish it would rain because even those tough little weeds I transplanted are starting to look a little puny. It’s been a couple of months now since we had a good rain. I’m trying to keep just the few needy plants I like watered – the rest are having to tough it out.

.. and of course, I keep water out for the birds and squirrels…

The Belmont Stakes will be run in about an  hour. It’s been since I was a kid that a horse wins the Triple Crown. We’ll see how old Big Brown does. TB names just crack me up! He’s not even brown – he’s a blood bay.

I was channel surfing earlier today and found a whole channel about green stuff. I was so surprised. I don’t know when that started. I can only get it on the big TV with the cable box. Now I have to remember which channel it is.

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Still Alive

Still alive – the transplants, that is. [I am too!]

Maybe I’ve hit on the right thing to plant there. While those ‘weeds’ haven’t exactly thrived, they haven’t died either and I don’t water them at all. This is the dry time of year and everything is starting to get crunchy, so we’ll see how well these little fellers keep doing. I still have plenty of them all over the yard, so maybe I’ll be filling in the area even more.

I got a telephoto lens for my new camera and it’s so nice. I’m able to do stuff like I used to do with my old film SLR. Only now, I have the convenience of digital. Whoa – I guess I need to go take a picture of my weeds and post it so I can keep track of their progress.

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Odd Transplants

I did something very odd Sunday afternoon. I’ve never done anything quite like this before and I was thinking I must be nuts doing it. But not only did I keep doing it, I started to enjoy it…

I transplanted my weeds.

What could have even crossed my mind to do something like that? Normally, I pull weeds with a vengeance so they can’t continue the gradual take-over of my yard.

There’s this area on a slope next to my mailbox where nothing much grows. I planted nice sod there over two years ago. Watered it, talked to it, fed it Miracle Grow, all that good stuff. Six months later, a lot of it was dying. In a year, it was all gone. Just a stubborn sprig or two remained.. along with more weeds but mostly just dirt.

I have these little weeds that look like some kind of succulent. Sorta related to portulaca or moss rose but much smaller leaves and tiny purple flowers. They seem to be able to grow anywhere and everywhere.  If I ever pull them, I have to put them in the garbage otherwise they start to grow again even if their roots are laying out in the summer sun.

I started pulling a few weeds in my front yard Sunday and came across a patch of these little guys. As I was pulling them and gathering a handful to throw away, it occurred to me that I could plant them in that bare spot. They don’t get tall and are nice and green with little purple flowers sprinkled through them.

So there I was, pulling them up and planting them in another place. I didn’t even water them in – I just figure they’ll either live or die. I still have a large supply to dig up and transplant if they don’t make it.  If they ever get to fill in that area, I’ll take a picture!

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Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

I woke up this morning determined to mow my yard. The winter weeds had started to get out of hand, the oak leaves were needed to be chopped up and the whole yard was just looking shaggy.

Plus, it was nice and cool this morning with a lot of clouds. I wouldn’t get too hot and because of the recent rain, it wouldn’t be dusty. In other words: it was the perfect day to mow.

I drug out my mower from the shed after months of being parked. It’s always a little hard to start it first time of the year and today was no different. I flooded it a few times and got myself all out of breath pulling that cord. So I took a break from it and trimmed up the tree and bush that were too close to the shed. Pulled some more.. nothing.. then it started to drizzle.

So I gave up on my good idea and put the mower away. I sat on the nice comfy chair on my back porch and watched it rain a little then stop. While sitting there I was trying to think of a way to get the mower started without killing myself.

Last year, the first day I mowed was downright chilly but sunny. I put the mower on the south side of the house where it warmed up in an hour. Just getting the whole mower a little warm, it started pretty easy. There was no sun today to help me so I needed another plan.

How was I going to get the mower warm?

I came up with the perfect girlie way… I don’t think a guy would ever think of this: my hair dryer.

A few minutes of me ‘blow drying’ my mower and boom, it started on the third pull with a puff of smoke and ran just fine. My yard is mowed and I didn’t give myself a heart attack trying to start it. Life is good.

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My New Camera

I’ve been using the same SLR camera since 1978 – my trusty old Canon AE-1. I’ve taken TONS of great pictures with it. And it still works just fine.

I totally resisted going to digital cameras because of the lag time from when you pressed the shutter button to when it actually took the picture. But I caved in and bought a nice little Pentax camera back in Feb. 2003. I have to say I was bitten by the digital bug and how easy it was to send pictures.

I got a new totally cute Casio point and shoot for Christmas that I like a lot. It does nifty little movies I can send directly to YouTube. But I still missed the features on an SLR. My son has let me use his at family gatherings – I’m the photographer and he’s the videographer. I love using it.

I’d been saving my spare change for years to buy myself one. Just about the time I was ready last year, I got an unexpected bill about the same amount as my new camera. Rats.. so I started saving again. I also was saving the bonus points on my credit card. Last October I accumulated $500 in points so I cashed them in with the intent to get my new camera.

Then… one of my cats bit the other one giving her a huge abscess. After a $525 vet bill, I was again back to zero in my camera fund.

So I guess I have my mom to thank for the new camera that’s sitting on my desk right now. I got it yesterday. Because of her frugal lifestyle, there was cash to divide in her estate between us siblings.  I didn’t go hog wild buying the fancy-schmaniest camera because I’d never figure out how to use the features. I chose the new Nikon d60. Now I need to run to the store and get a memory card. When I think of all the money I spent on film and film developing, the memory cards are just plain cheap.

My new battery is charged and I’m ready to take more pictures – maybe of my cats!

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