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“You May Have Noticed” – Revisited

Well, yippee skippy…

I found the wordpress theme that matches the html template. Now what are the odds of that?

I got very googly eyed last night going through page after page after page of templates with a very dim hope in the back of my mind. I almost missed seeing it too.

I haven’t looked at it in Internet Explorer yet, so I hope it looks ok.  I much prefer to use Firefox if for nothing else, it has a cool name and a very cute icon.

My mother’s sister is having anxiety attacks about my mom being in nursing care now. I’ve hardly spoken to her for the last 30 years and all of a sudden she’s calling me constantly and fussing if I don’t call her every couple of days. So on top of dealing with my mother’s condition, I have to cope with my aunt. <sigh> I just put my headset on and listen to her ramble…….

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Why Do My Crumbs Walk?

Here I am with my bowl of raisin bran for breakfast happily munching away. The box was almost empty so there were alot of little broken pieces in my dish. No problemo.

About the fourth mouthful, I realized my ‘crumbs’ are walking on the edge of my bowl. Being an old fart like I am, I had to go put on my glasses. Ewwwwwww… those crumbs were tiny sugar ants. How they got into my cereal box is beyond me. They must have a subterranean fortress under my house which is on a slab foundation.

So after going a bit berserk cleaning out my pantry and spraying, I can relax now. For a little while.

I guess I had some extra protein for breakfast.

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A Green House

You may have noticed…

my blog look doesn’t match my homepage… darn..

Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to get them the same.  In the meantime, I kinda like the look of this with the bee.  I love my garden and being outside, so it reminds me of that.  I was watching a bee on one of my plants just yesterday.  He was very fussy about which flowers he wanted to check out.

He didn’t sting me which I truly appreciated!

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