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Now There’s One More

Sweet little Morgan was born early last Wednesday morning. She’s a tiny little thing .. a bit under 7 pounds. The amazing part is that she has a ton of black hair. Totally different from her brother who is as blond as you can get. We’ll wait and see what color her eyes will be. I’m hoping for blue!

I kept Gavin over the Memorial weekend so the kids could get a bit of rest. He sure does have a LOT of energy and is a total motor-mouth. We brought his battery powered John Deere tractor here his PaPa Scott gave him. I’m thinking he’s a little young for it because he ran over my toes, into the sprinkler, across my scented geraniums and generally crashed into anything close.

PaPa Scott says he’s going to get Morgan a pink tractor when she’s older, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a pony… I guess one of these days I’ll have to get a few acres again and have myself another horse…. and a pony…….. and a dog………..

Maybe the grandkids will like horses since neither of my kids did. Hard for me to understand that – I would have sold my soul for a  horse when I was 10. You hear that, Lucifer? HA.. it’s too late now.

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Morgan will be here soon

I was sleepy just a bit ago, but all awake now.

Josh called me at 10pm. When I heard my cell phone ringing the Ninja Turtles tune, I knew what was up. He and Patricia are at the hospital now, so I’ll be a grandma again sometime tomorrow.

I’ve been on-call to get Gavin while they were at the hospital, but he’s at his other grandma’s house now and grandpa will watch him until I can go get him in the morning.

Josh sounded a bit frazzled. I didn’t get too much info from him but told him to call me when Morgan gets here. Even if it’s in the middle of the night. So I don’t know what time her contractions started for real.  She’s been having  small ones for the last couple of weeks.

Seems like Gavin was just born and he’ll be 3 in July. That was truly an amazing thing to have my first grandchild. I’m getting teary just remembering it.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day!

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and You’re here because…..

I find it very odd to think that anyone is actually reading this stuff besides me and the guy who wrote the Shire Reckoning widget. I don’t get around to writing very often and mostly it’s just thoughts that go through my head. If I don’t write it down, I’ll probably forget.

I stopped at the local pet store today for cat food on my way home from visiting mom (in rehab now). I always go to the area that has cats for adoption. I don’t know why I do that. The one I petted today had a long funny face and beautiful orange eyes. They’re all so sweet and adoptable. I think I could easily become the next weirdo Cat Lady. Only the thought of the crazy feline I have now stops me from seriously considering bringing another one home. It took her 8 months to get used to the orange kitty looking at the squirrel! Right now she’s diving into that same window trying to catch a lizard.

I went for a few years recently without having any pets. I think the last dog I had to put to sleep just hurt too much. I didn’t want to go through that again. I’ve had so many pets all my life and of course the zillions of horses. Only one horse ever qualified as a pet. And he would have denied it completely saying I was delusional. But I had him for 19 years until he was 26. He was my pet – the one I could never sell.

About a year ago, I was outside around dusk and saw a little white kitty sitting in the street. Usually the stray cats run, but she didn’t. She followed me up to my door. When I realized she was declawed I was just sure she was someone’s pet that had accidentally gotten out and lost. So I brought her in, fed her tuna, ran to the store for kitty litter.. yada yada.. Put up signs all around the next day. The only call I got was from a neighbor who said he’d been feeding her outside for a couple of months. She was such a sweet cat and adapted right away. Unfortunately within 3 months she was gone. Some kind of tumor filled her lungs with fluid. She was busy setting up her own blog when she got sick….


So in her honor, I went to the SPCA and adopted 2 adult cats. And refer to the above paragraph about the 8 months! But they get along now and both are cute and very different personalities.

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Procrastination sometimes pays off….

I’ve spent most of my life trying not to put stuff off.. at least not any longer than necessary. For the most part getting things done right away works better – mostly because I don’t have to worry that I’ll forget about it and never get it done.

But this week, my procrastination paid off. One small victory for the dark side of me! And a bit of an honest error helped out too.

One of my policyholders called me last Wed. all cranky about his claim not being paid. I checked on it and reported back to him that he needed some more info from the hospital since his policy was so new. That didn’t sit well with him, but he got it anyway and faxed it all to me.

He is acting like I’m his mother or wife or something because he easily could have faxed everything directly to the claims dept himself. I told him I’d check on the progress and let him know if more was needed.

Then he called me next morning – which was the morning I had to go to the hospital with my mom’s broken hip.  I told him I’d be distracted and suggested he follow-up himself.  OH NO.. he wanted me to do it. This guy is a used car salesman – out on disability – with time on his hands. I told him I’d do the best I could.

Customer Service was closed on Friday when I first checked so I didn’t get a call to the claims dept. until late Monday afternoon.  After a nice chat with the CSR, I found out the guy still needed info from the referring doctor.

I knew that wasn’t going to go over big and really didn’t feel like getting a tongue-lashing right then.  So I called the next morning. His cell phone rang and rang – never did go to voicemail.  I tried again later in the day (which was yesterday). Same thing.

I started writing him a memo this morning and the diehard optimist in me made me check one more time on the website to see if his claim was paid. It was. YAY… So I never had to tell him to get more info – see, procrastination sometimes does pay off.

.. and then I figured out why I couldn’t get his phone to pick up.  I was using the wrong area code. LOL. …

Must be good karma happening to me because I know stupidity and procrastination aren’t supposed to work out so well…….

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An Unusual Mother’s Day

Looks like this year’s Mother’s Day is going to be very different this year.

Mom fell out of bed and broke her hip Thursday morning.  Had surgery yesterday to put it back together. Fortunately the anesthesia didn’t whack her out as badly this time a last year.

She had a bad day yesterday coming out of her fog. I’m glad my brother came to spell me off later that afternoon. I was pretty worn out from 2 days in the hospital.

I’m sitting here with her now and she’s calm for the most part. Doesn’t know where she is or what’s going on. I’ve kept her amused with her dinner napkin and a plastic spoon. It’s much like entertaining my grandson with whatever I can find in my purse. This getting old and losing mental capacity really sucks. I hope it won’t happen to me……

So I’ll be at the hospital tomorrow – Mother’s Day – and stay with her through lunch and dinner.  She eats better when she’s with someone she knows.  Funny thing is she’s calling me ‘Mother’ this evening. So I talk to her like she’s my child and tell her we can’t leave just this minute but we will soon.

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