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We’re All Shriveling Up

I sure wish it would rain because even those tough little weeds I transplanted are starting to look a little puny. It’s been a couple of months now since we had a good rain. I’m trying to keep just the few needy plants I like watered – the rest are having to tough it out.

.. and of course, I keep water out for the birds and squirrels…

The Belmont Stakes will be run in about an¬† hour. It’s been since I was a kid that a horse wins the Triple Crown. We’ll see how old Big Brown does. TB names just crack me up! He’s not even brown – he’s a blood bay.

I was channel surfing earlier today and found a whole channel about green stuff. I was so surprised. I don’t know when that started. I can only get it on the big TV with the cable box. Now I have to remember which channel it is.

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