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Kwazy Wabbits

Herding rabbits must be only one teeny bit easier than herding cats…

Bunny Shelter

The neighborhood rabbits ‘discovered’ my backyard again about a month ago. ¬† They’re so darn cute that they always sucker me into letting them stay. One bunny turned into a whole herd of them.

Still cute…..

Ate down my flowers in my butterfly garden – not so cute. They gotta go.

So last weekend I decided to fix the fence where they were getting in. Not a particularly hard project – just a quick couple of screws to tighten up the panel at the bottom. I sat in my backyard after mowing it while watching for any bunnies hopping around. Only saw one and it squeezed its way out much like Peter Rabbit. So I fixed the fence. YAY – no more bunnies….

.. or so I thought…

About an hour later, I saw a bunny hopping around but now the escape hole was closed. So I opened the side gate really wide and figured how hard can it be to chase a rabbit through a 4′ wide opening.¬† Harder than you might think. The bunny ran back and forth between its old escape hatch and the azalea bush. We went back and forth at least a dozen times before he finally ran out the gate. YAY – no more bunnies…

.. or so I thought..

Well, you can see where this is going. I ended up chasing 4 bunnies out the gate. Each time I finished, I thought it must be the last. Everything was clear until yesterday. There was a little one in my backyard and I still haven’t figured out where it went or how it got in or if it’s trapped there or what. But they’re just gonna have to be cute in the front yard.

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