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Really Smart Realtor

I have a friend who just got her RE license and she’s really, really smart (as in she’s already a CPA). I taught her how to use wordpress this week so she can blog about happenings and homes for sale in Brandon.

When she turned 45, she decided to get a motorcycle. Now that was FUNNY. She managed to ride it to my horse farm one day and I got a picture. If I ever find it again, I’ll put it here. Instead of¬† motorcycle gloves, she used to wear gardening gloves while riding. Well, that’s not as bad as this photo I took a couple of weeks ago.

I was sitting at a light and a big group of guys riding Harleys came up beside me. These were fancy bikes but I have no idea who dressed those guys. Most of them were wearing black or brown sneakers and WHITE TUBE SOCKS! AKKKK!!!!!

I got a quick picture with my phone just before the light changed:

At least the guy in the lower right had the good sense to be wearing boots.

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