My New Camera

I’ve been using the same SLR camera since 1978 – my trusty old Canon AE-1. I’ve taken TONS of great pictures with it. And it still works just fine.

I totally resisted going to digital cameras because of the lag time from when you pressed the shutter button to when it actually took the picture. But I caved in and bought a nice little Pentax camera back in Feb. 2003. I have to say I was bitten by the digital bug and how easy it was to send pictures.

I got a new totally cute Casio point and shoot for Christmas that I like a lot. It does nifty little movies I can send directly to YouTube. But I still missed the features on an SLR. My son has let me use his at family gatherings – I’m the photographer and he’s the videographer. I love using it.

I’d been saving my spare change for years to buy myself one. Just about the time I was ready last year, I got an unexpected bill about the same amount as my new camera. Rats.. so I started saving again. I also was saving the bonus points on my credit card. Last October I accumulated $500 in points so I cashed them in with the intent to get my new camera.

Then… one of my cats bit the other one giving her a huge abscess. After a $525 vet bill, I was again back to zero in my camera fund.

So I guess I have my mom to thank for the new camera that’s sitting on my desk right now. I got it yesterday. Because of her frugal lifestyle, there was cash to divide in her estate between us siblings.¬† I didn’t go hog wild buying the fancy-schmaniest camera because I’d never figure out how to use the features. I chose the new Nikon d60. Now I need to run to the store and get a memory card. When I think of all the money I spent on film and film developing, the memory cards are just plain cheap.

My new battery is charged and I’m ready to take more pictures – maybe of my cats!

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