Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

I woke up this morning determined to mow my yard. The winter weeds had started to get out of hand, the oak leaves were needed to be chopped up and the whole yard was just looking shaggy.

Plus, it was nice and cool this morning with a lot of clouds. I wouldn’t get too hot and because of the recent rain, it wouldn’t be dusty. In other words: it was the perfect day to mow.

I drug out my mower from the shed after months of being parked. It’s always a little hard to start it first time of the year and today was no different. I flooded it a few times and got myself all out of breath pulling that cord. So I took a break from it and trimmed up the tree and bush that were too close to the shed. Pulled some more.. nothing.. then it started to drizzle.

So I gave up on my good idea and put the mower away. I sat on the nice comfy chair on my back porch and watched it rain a little then stop. While sitting there I was trying to think of a way to get the mower started without killing myself.

Last year, the first day I mowed was downright chilly but sunny. I put the mower on the south side of the house where it warmed up in an hour. Just getting the whole mower a little warm, it started pretty easy. There was no sun today to help me so I needed another plan.

How was I going to get the mower warm?

I came up with the perfect girlie way… I don’t think a guy would ever think of this: my hair dryer.

A few minutes of me ‘blow drying’ my mower and boom, it started on the third pull with a puff of smoke and ran just fine. My yard is mowed and I didn’t give myself a heart attack trying to start it. Life is good.

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