Odd Transplants

I did something very odd Sunday afternoon. I’ve never done anything quite like this before and I was thinking I must be nuts doing it. But not only did I keep doing it, I started to enjoy it…

I transplanted my weeds.

What could have even crossed my mind to do something like that? Normally, I pull weeds with a vengeance so they can’t continue the gradual take-over of my yard.

There’s this area on a slope next to my mailbox where nothing much grows. I planted nice sod there over two years ago. Watered it, talked to it, fed it Miracle Grow, all that good stuff. Six months later, a lot of it was dying. In a year, it was all gone. Just a stubborn sprig or two remained.. along with more weeds but mostly just dirt.

I have these little weeds that look like some kind of succulent. Sorta related to portulaca or moss rose but much smaller leaves and tiny purple flowers. They seem to be able to grow anywhere and everywhere.  If I ever pull them, I have to put them in the garbage otherwise they start to grow again even if their roots are laying out in the summer sun.

I started pulling a few weeds in my front yard Sunday and came across a patch of these little guys. As I was pulling them and gathering a handful to throw away, it occurred to me that I could plant them in that bare spot. They don’t get tall and are nice and green with little purple flowers sprinkled through them.

So there I was, pulling them up and planting them in another place. I didn’t even water them in – I just figure they’ll either live or die. I still have a large supply to dig up and transplant if they don’t make it.¬† If they ever get to fill in that area, I’ll take a picture!

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