Do Possums Eat Aloe?

For some reason, Google thinks I know the answer to this question. I recently checked my traffic stats and saw that the google-gods sent 3 people to here for the answer to “Do possums eat aloe”.

Answer: I have no idea.

No Possum nibbles here!

I’ve had possums in my backyard and absolutely can’t stand them. They stink to high heaven – like something died under my deck. I do know that they’ll eat the birdseed that gets knocked to the ground under the feeder.

My last possum episode involved a hose, a hanger, lots of water and five babies.

Last May, I was trying to figure out how to evict the possum that I saw walking around on my deck. As soon as I go outside, it runs under the deck where I can’t get to it. And with the nasty teeth they have, I’d never try to grab one!

I was washing bird poos off one afternoon and got the idea that maybe I could squirt water in the cracks and figure out if old stinky was still here. To my surprise, I ‘flushed’ out a baby. It must have gotten scared and let go of mama. I carried it into the front yard and went back for more.

The mother didn’t want to be hosed out and just hissed at me from her under-deck safety zone.  So, I got a hanger and started poking her which mostly got me more hisses. Eventually she ran out and 3 more babies popped loose.

I got so freaked out about trying to capture them that I didn’t watch where mama went. After lots of water and guiding them with the hanger through the spaces in the boards, I got the babies to come out. I took them out to the front yard, too, to keep company with the first one. I kept hoping mama would hear them squeaking and leave on her own.

But alas, nothing is that easy.

I finally found her hiding in the corner near the gate in my compost pile of mostly leaves. Using a broom and a 2×2 board, I ‘herded’ her through the gate and the one little baby kept holding one. It was apparently the only smart one she had. It’s really amazing how a scared possum will run right past a 3 foot wide gate opening and not dash out. Dumb thing went straight past it the first few tries.

But they all got reunited and hid out in the big stand of lady palms in the front. That didn’t make me too happy knowing ‘things’ were hiding in there, so shortly after that I cut them all down because I didn’t want wild things living right next to my front door!

To you plant/palm lovers: yes, I cut down a stand of lady palms that were higher than my roof. Sorry, they had to go.

So, Mr. Google, that’s my possum story and I have no idea if possums eat aloe. All I can say about that is that they didn’t touch the big pot of aloes I have sitting on my deck. Saving it for the bunnies…….

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