I Wish I Had Cat Eyes

Have you ever noticed how a cat’s eye’s turn green when you take a flash photo of them? It looks like they are glowing. Technically, their retinas have some sort of super-reflective properties that helps them to see in the dark. Especially when their pupils get huge and round.Being able to see in the dark so well would be fun.

My Watchdog Cat

My one little kitty likes to sit on the table by my front window at night and watch what’s going on outside. She’s like a little infrared surveillance camera protecting me from any of the neighborhood cats who make the mistake of wandering through the yard.

It’s always amazing to hear the ferocious sounds that can come out of a little animal like her. She completely loses it when a strange cat walks by. Last winter, a neighbor quit feeding her kitty and it came to my front porch all the time. I would feed her and she naturally wanted to come in. When I said ,”no”, she jumped on the windowsill. So there she was on the outside and my Watchdog Cat was on the inside: face to face.

All hell broke loose….

I had a talk with the neighbor and she gave the kitty up for adoption which was probably the best thing.  I hope that sweet little kitty has a good home now.

Posted on December 17th 2009 by admin

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