Gabba Gabba Hey

I was watching VH-1 Classic this past weekend. There was some movie that had the Ramones in it. It wasn’t really a very good movie but it kept my attention for a while because I’d never seen them perform before. I never had cable tv until about 10 years ago, so I never saw any music videos.

The part that I found the most amusing was that song ‘Pinhead’ where they hold up a sign with ‘Gabba Gabba Hey’ on it. Everybody chants it. I missed out on that in my younger days. I googled that and naturally found the video of the song on YouTube. What can’t you find on YouTube??

The gabba gabba hey reminds me of Fred Flintstone’s ‘yabba dabba do’.  I’m not planning to change my last name to Ramone any time soon, but I just might slip out with a gabba gabba every once in a while just because it’s fun to say.

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Infovore – Word of the Day

Infovore – I had to write about this before I forgot where I heard it. I saw it in an article in the WSJ this morning.

An infovore is a person who just can’t seem to get enough information – personally, I’m drowning in it. Dr. Irving Biederman, a neuro-scientist at the Univ. of S. Calif., gets credit for coining this word.

It seems humans are hard-wired to gather as much information as we can, even since cave man days. Think of how much more info there is to look at now than 10,000 years ago.  We get a kind of opioid hit of pleasure to our brains by devouring information on subjects we’re interested in. It makes us junkies and go back for more.

I know I’ve killed lots of time in that past 15 years surfing the web – even when it was a much smaller place. Plus I’m addicted to cutting articles out of the newspaper and stacking them up. As soon as my counter space gets too cluttered with them, I throw them into a pile in a cabinet and start over. As least I’m not saving the entire paper!

Someday perhaps we’ll be able to sort out what’s important and what’s not. But until we read the article, how will we know?

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My Little Backyard Wildlife Preserve

A couple of years ago I applied to be a ‘Certified WildLife Habitat’ from the National Wildlife Federation. I live in a densely populated area but I do have a nice sized lot with HUGE trees. Over the years I’ve lived here I’ve put out lots of food and water to attract critters.

My cats really appreciate it. When I open my french doors and just have the screen door, they go nuts. The critters are used to people and cats looking at them and usually just go about their business about 6′ away on the deck. I find that quite fascinating because with just the screen, we’re all very clearly seen. The cats make all those funny squeaky noises too. One day not too long ago I had sparrows, cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, painted buntings, titmouses, red-winged blackbirds, Carolina wrens, mourning doves, ringnecked doves and squirrels all munching away.

The robins made their yearly appearance a couple of weeks ago and hung out in my backyard for a day or two. They had a really good time in the birdbaths. I used to get hundreds of them in the pastures back when I had horses. They stayed a little longer then and fattened up on juicy bugs.

I try to discourage rats, possums and bunnies. The bunnies are cute but they eat my aloe plants to the ground, so they’re not allowed in the backyard anymore. Possums, they’re just plain yuck! One lone rat was cute last winter, but he invited his extended family and had to be relocated.

I just put out a piece of stale bread. That sets off another feeding frenzy. I think I put out more food than needed sometimes because the squirrels plant sunflowers all over the place for me. They planted bits of bread today too. Wouldn’t that be nice if I could grow a bread tree?

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Windshield Wipers

Why can’t someone invent windshield wipers that last longer than 6 months? I don’t care what they say on the packaging, they just don’t work well unless I replace mine constantly. They guys at the parts store tell me it doesn’t matter which kind I buy, they all have about the same lifespan.

I had to drive an hour and a half to an account yesterday. It wasn’t raining hard but it rained most of the way. My wipers had been ok but picked yesterday to completely conk out. I could barely see because all they did was smear the rain. It was the longest, most nerve-wracking drive I ever made.

Thinking ahead, I left early. Then there just happened to be an Auto Zone across the street from where I had to be. I bought a new pair and sweetly asked the clerk if he’d put them on for me. I can do it, but it takes me forever to figure it out. I knew I’d never be able to drive home in the dusk hour if it was raining at all. I could barely see in the daylight.

Years ago I bought a really expensive set of new blades thinking I’d have it made for quite a while. They didn’t last either. So now I just go with the $7 ones. I should be good to go through the summer now.

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Living My Dream

Eight years ago I had no idea what I was going to do with myself. I was separated after a million years of being married and my only skills were with horses and volunteering. Since I had recently tore up my shoulder, anything to do with horses was out of the question. I couldn’t even touch my fingers on my left hand to my right shoulder.

.. and I was scared.

But I muddled on and realized I’d have to do something with my insurance license that I’d had for some years and never did anything with. My ex just used to run business through my name every once in a while so I’d have social security credits.  I never thought I was going to grow up to be an insurance agent – horse trainer suited me much better. But no one was impressed with my resume even though I’d raised several world champion Quarter Horses and Paints. I guess the average person has no idea how hard that is to do.

Biting the bullet, I worked with my ex for a couple of years because he had business savvy and experience. He likes to think he was doing me a favor (and told me that often), but since we split commissions, he was working just like I was. Eventually he drove me completely nuts and I just went on my own.

For about four years, everything was fine. Then my regional and state managers decided to play dirty. At first, that upset me to no end. I didn’t understand why they’d do that to me. I still don’t understand, but I’m glad they did because it only inspired me to work harder at other ‘stuff’. I heard someone say one time, “Never fall in love with your product.” How true. If you know how to sell, you can sell anything.

I jumped into my new business with both feet in 2007. Not a great year for me because of my mom’s health and her dependence on me. But I had confidence that I could succeed, much like I did with insurance.

I set myself a goal to attain by April 2008. I exceeded it this past month by 50% – almost hit it by the end of Jan. One good month doesn’t make a career, but it’s a great start considering my income was $0 this time last year. I’m living my dream right now. Like Dr. Dyer said to me (from my tv) “It’s on it’s way.”

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Yay, I didn’t kill my blog!

I just got brave and updated my wp from 2.1.something to the newest one available. My host had it in the Fantastico button. I wasn’t sure if something would quit working since it was such a big upgrade, but so far so good. I do notice a few funny looking characters in the older posts. I don’t know what that’s about, but who cares anyway?

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Sore Muscles – Old Age

I’m a little achy today.. .probably went a little overboard on my elliptical thingy when I decided to sprint. Then it was so darn cold in the house, I did the 11:30 yoga show with the lady who likes to kill you with yoga postures. I’m feelin’ it now.

I’m just determined to now turn on the heater even though it’s chilly in here. Two days ago I had to turn on the a/c because it was so muggy and warm. I pay good money for cold air and I’ll just be danged if I’m going to pay money to warm it up!

Back to my sore muscles.

In honor of tuning 55 this summer, I’m working out hard again. Some people don’t like their birthdays that end with 0′s. I don’t like the 5′s. Needed a Corvette to get me over 45. I’m probably better this decade because I’ve accepted it that I’m not going to look 35 anymore. But I still want to feel like 35 – hence the exercise because I’ve been a bad girl the last few years – more thinking about it than doing it. I have a new bottle of Advil sitting in the kitchen calling my name.

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Credit Card Debt

I like to cruise around on Yahoo Answers in the ‘credit’ section and see if I can help out anyone who may have a real problem.

One of the amazing things I’ve noticed in the las 6 months that I’ve done this is how people do really stupid things with credit cards. They get way into debt, have a credit score of 512 and want to know who will lend them money or issue another card to them.

I try to only answer questions from people who are making a real effort to understand credit and willing to do learn. It’s an interesting atmosphere there.. I’ve gotten many sincere ‘thank you’s’ from the Askers who gave me a ‘Best Answer’ rating.

Credit repair and debt consolidation companies are thriving in spite of the FTC having excellent resources on how to do it yourself. I think the .gov site is intimidating  and maybe a little difficult for the average person to find info.

I hope the trend to charge everything in site will slow down and  saving up before buying something becomes the norm again.

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Ackkk Baby Boomer Commercial

As women, we’ve had commercials for girly products aimed at us on tv since we were teens. They promised to stop our leaks during ‘that time of the month’.

Now I just saw a commercial with a couple of hip looking women, late 40′s-early50′s, out for a little shopping spree when they get into a little giggling fest.

That commercial was to let us know that ‘leaks happen’ to anyone. And this product can protect us. Only this time, the leaks are weak bladders. Had a nice demonstration on just how much liquid this little pad can absorb.

Ack.. I guess we’re destined to be leaky all our lives.

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Catching Up

A lot has happened since I posted.  Last year was a difficult one for me. I had made the commitment to changes careers and that was scary. But on top of that, my mom needed more and more of my time and care.

I thought Christmas of 2007 was going to be a bit easier and better than the year before, but I was wrong. It started off well.. Gavin came to visit me that first weekend. We ordered his Christmas presents online – new purple crocs with plenty of Jibbitz. He had fun picking them out.

When I took him to visit my mom on that Sunday, she was really out of it with a bad cold. So we barely stayed.

I checked in on her the next day and spoke to the head nurse at the ALF. Mom seemed better and I was assured that they’d keep a good eye on her. The next two days I was covered-up busy sending out letters and applications from my big open enrollment.

When I went back to see mom on Thursday, she was sitting in a recliner and non-stop talking. I didn’t really understand what she was saying but she looked like she felt much better although she had congestion in her chest. She’d had an x-ray the day before and everything was ok. So I went home feeling ok – Mom’s never been sick and I figured she was going to bounce out of it like she always did.

But that was the end of my optimism. Mom passed away 12 days later from complications of pneumonia. She had to be in icu, the hospital and hospice care. It’s been two months today since she’s been gone and I sure do miss her still.

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